Hi, friends. I recently upgraded my installation from 10.04 (32) to 12.04 (64). I installed Transmission from USS, and it runs alright. It was able to read and verify my torrents/data just fine. However, it is unable to download any new torrents - it won't connect to peers, and AFAICT it will likewise not connect to any peers to seed. I am using port forwarding, and the same port settings as I did in 10.04, and my port is open in Transmission's preferences>network dialog, as well as canyouseeme.org . I am wondering if somehow I mangled my port blocking OS level, as I used firestarter in 10.04 (ordinarily disabled), but never installed it in 12.04 . I don't have any error messages echoed if I run Transmission from command line. What should I do?