Heya everyone,

I got pissed off about my Windows XP tablet and I think I am finally ready to do a switch to Linux, any ideas, suggestions... ect would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Fujitsu Stylistic ST4120 specs are as follows:

Intel Pentium III-M 933.0 MHz

L2 cache - 512.0 KB

Intel 830MG Chipset

AGP - Intel Extreme Graphics - 48.0 MB

768 MB of PC 133 Ram


10.4 Inch Display
Max Resolution 1024 x 768
Touch Screen Digitizer (X,Y Coordinates... might be an issue)

I am currently thinking about Lubuntu 12.04 but that might change very quickly depending on the feedback I get.

What I would like to do that I am currently doing on XP is as follows:

Play Movies
Read Comics (With the side buttons working to flip pages)
Draw Stuff
Browse the web with flash support (XP does this poorly atm, I would like to see an improvement)
View/edit windows shares on my network.
TightVNC control my other PC's.
SNES Emulator Support
Dosbox Emulator Support
USB - Wifi, Mouse, Mass Storage, and Headphones.
Power Saving for on the go.

This will probably turn into a weekend project, so it should be a good time.