Hey Guys,
Telikin was developed on the TinyCore Linux. Our primary goal of using Linux was to avoid viruses, spyware, and malware. We also chose TinyCore to have an option of an embedded version in the future. I am not a Linux expert. Tim, Megan, Adam, Cliff and Carl work on the OS and back office systems. We also have an application team developoing the apps on Java.
We also selected TinyCore to have a platform that was easy for us to manage updates for the users. Our background was in cable where settop boxes have a lot of software but it is managed for the end users.

We agree that there are many tech savvy seniors. We built the computer for those that are not comfortable with computers. About 50% of our users have never used a copmputer before. We were not targeting tech savvy seniors. They have Windows and Mac as options.

We decided to include a number of applications so the end users would not need to load and manage application. In addition we know the apps and if when a customer calls in we know what they are using. I think of this more as an application system.

A big part of the business is support. We built in a remote management service for all computers so we can remotly show our users how to use applications.

The specs are on the web site.

As a value proposition telikin serves a niche market, included software applications and great support. We undertand it is not for everyone, but there are a number of happy users.

Hope this helps.

Fred Allegrezza CEO Telikin.