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Thread: 12.04 Networking/Mapping Issue

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    Angry 12.04 Networking/Mapping Issue

    Okay here is my issue i have an accounting program specifically tailored to the IT industry, its called Fincon (exe based). It basically works on a client to server directory base system. the server is currently running on a windows 7 machine with a ntfs partition. i have installed wine. have the shared windows directory mounted with what i assume is the correct command for such being (mount -tsmbfs //servername/sharedir /mnt/fincon -0 username=username,password=password.

    i can see the shared dir altho it does take a bit long to access it on the ubuntu machine via the mapped directory but instant via normal network browsing.

    i have also set up the mapped directory to my D:/ drive in wine and have pointed the fincon .ini to read server field from d:/ directly... heres my issue, it seems that for some odd reason i cant write to the mapped directory from ubuntu yet i can with my windows machines, the permissions are set correct on the windows 7 share. and i really dunno what im missing. And abviously if i cannot write to the mapped directory thus meaning wine cannot either and the fincon im using needs read/write access so thats the brick wall i am hitting at the moment, otherwise so far so good.

    BTW Im quite a linux noob just switched yesterday.

    Thanks guys any help in this would be quite appreciated. as im pulling out my hair here and realy want to migrate my work pcs to a linux os as it just gives less issues than windows does ever..

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    Re: 12.04 Networking/Mapping Issue

    Thread moved to Networking & Wireless.

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    Re: 12.04 Networking/Mapping Issue

    Are the permissions in windows set to everyone with read/write/execute permission?

    You could try mouting the drive as cifs instead of smbfs.. which I believe is the new standard for ubuntu..

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