I left my laptop running lucid on through the night while it was downloading a very large file.

I the morning I found the laptop continuously rebooting over and over. Lucid no longer loads.

I figured that the partition had filled. Once before I filled the partition and lucid no longer loaded.

So I am trying to boot from CD in order to delete the very large file and free up space. But it won't load from CD. The Ubuntu blinking dots keep running for ever.

The same happens when I tried to load from lucid on a flash card - which worked before. It keeps working literally for hours but lucid never loads.

I tried to load GParted CD and again after a while the CD drive stops working and I get a blank black screen and sits there for ever.

windows 7 is still working fine on a different partition.

Can someone please give me some ideas on what could be wrong? why doesn't nothing loads anymore?