I'm running 12.04 LTS Server and I'm having several issues with printing.
Initial setup went by like a breeze, CUPS is all set up and listening to the right ports the printer driver appears to be installed correctly (Canon MP160 USB) and when printing from a Windows 7 Client it detects printer and does print. After that is where the problems start, for example I'll print using a browser on my windows client. The printed page comes out with three problems; black and white, formatting messed up, and randomly stops for long periods of time halfway through a page (~15-20 mins). I thought maybe the printer driver wasn't correct so I found an article indicating adding a PPA repository and using sudo apt-get install cnijfilter-mp160series unfortunately that's not currently available (something to do with the repository pckmgr) so I'm stuck. Any ideas on how I can get this running properly?