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Thread: Need advanced GUI firewall for Ubuntu

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    Need advanced GUI firewall for Ubuntu


    Firestarter is good application for Ubuntu users,is there any other similar application like Firestarter,So that I can restrict users on email attachments and want to block to install unauthorized software's ?.Simply to say following things I want to implement

    1. Restrict to uploads,Suppose more than 1MB files should not allowed to upload via email or to file storage sites

    2. Should not allow to install unauthorized software's

    3. Maintain logs of every request

    I'm searching similar to Firestarter,Firestarter is able to block IP's,URLs,Particular ports only,I'm searching for application which should do otherthan this with above mentioned 3 points.

    Thanks for any help in advance
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    Re: Need advanced GUI firewall for Ubuntu

    The things you mention are not the task of a firewall. These requirements are probably better fulfilled by software such as parental control software or AppArmor.

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