I have new 500gb HD put on my new built system.

1. I installed Windows 7 Pro 64bit created 1 partition. Booted fine.
2. Installed OpenBSD 5.1 (try it out) -- gone thru all the manual sector partitioning, disklabeling all that. Windows is gone (from the boot -- not from the drive)
3. Installed (final) Ubuntu 12.04 64bit Desktop -- with the hope that Grub will take care of the MBR and ready to boot all 3 (Windows 7, OpenBSD, Ubuntu)

Turns out only the Ubuntu & Windows option show up on the Grub menu..
Grub version should be the default that came out with the Ubuntu 12.04 CD.

Here are the final partition table :

Yes, I put the OpenBSD (SDA2) -- on that part manually & not by accident !
I had no swap ( my RAM is 8 gb ) -- had too also since.. I can't waste the rest of the last 208 GB.

And do you see the boot flag on the OpenBSD partition ? what is that ?

-------------------- This is after the Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop 64 bit install. Current state of HD.

But now, when booting on Grub and choosing the Windows 7 Loader option.
The Windows boot failed:

that was status : 0xc000000e

1. So what happened to the Windows bootloader ?
Did windows installed the it's loader on the MBR
Did the OpenBSD overwrote & ruined it.
Did the Ubuntu Grub did ?

Basically what happened ? I have done the same with W7 and Ubuntu 10.10 on another HD on my laptop... all seems works ok with Grub.
Any scripts to run to find out ?

2. How to Fix this ?
Should I use the Windows Loader instead of grub on MBR ?
like this article suggested : http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/09/21...ows-and-linux/
But I don't really see the point / benefit --- since I have reinstalled Grub b4 using liveCD, which I dont think this will fix this prob ?

Also useless for now : http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/05/17...and-windows-7/

3. How to add the OpenBSD boot option to the Grub also ?