Hi all,

I am after recommendations and suggestions for a distro suited to a live USB. My requirements are the following:

  • Must have encrypted persistence
  • Persistence must be able to be larger than 4GB (limit imposed by FAT32)
  • Must be fairly high performance
  • Preferrably, but not essentially based on Debian. I know, and am used to the apt package management. I also know yum.

Knoppix would appear to be ideal for this. I tried it, but could not get it to boot from a USB formatted in ext2/4. I could only get it to boot when using a FAT32 partition, but this restricted my .aes persistent file to only 4GB, which is unacceptable. I could not work out how to move this persistent file to another partition either, and the Knoppix documentation I found was very out of date. Apparently older versions of Knoppix easily allow the persistent file to be moved to wherever the user would like...

Any ideas, suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated, even if it means something custom. I also tried a full-blown Ubuntu installation on a USB flash drive, but this proved to be too laggy whenever I was writing to the drive, since it is not optimised for live use.