Have an HP Pavilion dm4 i3 laptop with Windows 7.
I want to dual boot it with Ubuntu 12.04.

Problem is that HP laptop HDD already has 4 partitions:
1. System partition.....199MB
2. C-Drive with W7.....582GB
3. Recovery partition...13.85GB
4. HP Tools partition...104MB

When I try to create an Ubuntu partition, it becomes Unallocated and dead/useless. Therefore I can't install Ubuntu as a dual boot system.

Did a little checking and it seems you can't create more than 4 partitions on a HDD. I know there are ways around this but I can't remember what needs be done.

Can someone help me out here?

Was thinking of deleting the #4 HP Tools partition but fear it may be linked somehow to the Recovery partition causing a possible problem in the future if W7 needs to be recovered.