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Thread: mime types wrong fcmanfm evince ...

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    mime types wrong fcmanfm evince ...


    Something went wrong in my installation from ubuntu mini and now it seems that my mime types are all wrong by some applications.

    for example:
    I do have a pdf and when I use "file document.pdf" it shows correctly "PDF document, version 1.4"
    However, when I look at the file in pcmanfc a lightweight filemanager, it shows "text/plain" or even "application/octet-stream" for what "file" shows correctly as pdf, even firefox can open the pdf cleanly.

    this is a fluxbox environment however I don't think that really matters for the mime types db.

    the following are installed:
    root@babayaga:~# dpkg --list | grep -i mime
    ii libfile-mimeinfo-perl 0.15-2 Perl module to determine file types
    ii mime-support 3.51-1ubuntu1 MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', and support programs
    ii shared-mime-info 1.0-0ubuntu4.1 shared MIME database and spec

    I tried this: "root@babayaga:~# update-mime-database /usr/share/mime" and after a few seconds, this is finished but still not resolved.

    Also tried to dpkg-reconfigure shared-mime-info and mime-support but to no avail, they don't want user interaction?

    How can I fix these apps? Do I need some other package that makes pcmanfc and evince recognize mimetypes just as "file" does?


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    Re: mime types wrong fcmanfm evince ...

    nobody has any idea?
    maybe something very obvious I missed? Or maybe I'm the only person here that tries to build from ubuntu-mini and has filetype / mime issues?

    all suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: mime types wrong fcmanfm evince ...

    ok, a stupidity as I expected.
    There was this /usr/share/mime folder which could be updated but was not world-readable.
    So I copied that mime folder to a local users folder ~/.local/share/mime and chowned it to that user and oh miracle that works.

    So just a permission problem or does every user need his own mime settings folder?

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