Yes sir you may .....i can run some or same codes to my laptop which i just connected in case you need a control, this ubuntu diagnose might as well be a scientific research

mar@mar-Vostro-200:~$ lsmod | grep 819
rtl8192c_common 69519 0
mac80211 436455 2 rtl8192c_common,rtlwifi
8192cu 487753 0
mar@mar-Vostro-200:~$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf | tail -n10
# ugly and loud noise, getting on everyone's nerves; this should be done by a
# nice pulseaudio bing (Ubuntu: #77010)
blacklist pcspkr

# EDAC driver for amd76x clashes with the agp driver preventing the aperture
# from being initialised (Ubuntu: #297750). Blacklist so that the driver
# continues to build and is installable for the few cases where its
# really needed.
blacklist amd76x_edac
blacklist rtl8192cu