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Thread: Need help with Wine

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    Unhappy Need help with Wine

    I'm new to the Ubuntu(Linux) family. I am trying to run Wine but I can't get any of my programs to work. If anyone can help me learn how to run programs and configure wine in general it would be a great help. And I'd like to say thanks ahead of time for the help.

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    Re: Need help with Wine

    There is a section of this forum dedicated to Wine.

    But the forum is being re-designed. So, do not check the wine section during 8th and 9th October.

    And there is wine documentation here:

    We can not give specific help unless you give specific problems.

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    Re: Need help with Wine

    check the wine database

    or you uneed to install the lastest wine

    use a ppa
    sudo apt-get add-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
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    (> <)
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    Re: Need help with Wine

    If you have to run a lot of windows applications for whatever reason, you're better of installing windows
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    Re: Need help with Wine

    Quote Originally Posted by Orryan850 View Post
    I'm new to the Ubuntu(Linux) family. I am trying to run Wine but I can't get any of my programs to work...
    BEFORE you try to install and run ANY MS Windows program, you can save yourself a lot of grief and effort if you use the WineHQ link already provided to see how well that Windows app and version works in Wine.

    Anything you need to depend upon for daily use needs to have a rating of Gold or better to be useful. If there is no rating or if the rating is Garbage, then trying to use that app in Linux is a complete waste of your time.
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