I have found several ways to get around some issues, and I may as well share with you what I have found.

But I would like an answer to how I can make Firefox drag and stop when I stop dragging it with the mouse. It drives me nuts every time I try to drag the window to where I want it, and release, only to see it keep on going.

I will move it part way off the screen to access something else behind Firefox, then I want to position it back fully on the screen. So I drag it back to the left side only to see it slide off the left edge and I yank it back only to see it slide off the right edge. And I still don't have full view of the window.

Please point me to the fix.

OK as promised, some work-arounds that I have found:

The launcher is a joke, next to impossible to call it up with a mouse stroke, so I set the sensitivity slider all the way left and choose instead to use the Super key to raise it when I need it.

I add launch icons to the Desktop for those items I launch regularly and place some more icons in a Desktop Launch Icons folder.

Open the launch icons folder anytime I want the file manager open, and use the bookmarks and navigation tools to select where I want to be. Open the folder again and repeat the process in a new window, so then I can drag from one to the other. I can open my web site in one window and drag files between the local file system and the web site.

CTRL-ALT-T gets the Terminal.

Thanks in advance for help with dragging windows.