Hey guys,

Let me start out by saying that I know there's a topic very similar to what I'm asking about in this one. I've looked at that particular topic and I didn't find a good answer to my problem. Also, I've spent the last few hours rolling over the internet trying to find a suitable fix. Needless to say, I haven't been able to find one. With that said, I'll get to the problem.

I'm (like most people) having the internal battery is dry problem with the Visualboy advanced that is found in the Ubuntu Software Center. Firstly, our version does not have the menu option to enable real time clock. I've looked at least 10 times. Secondly, I've watched multiple videos on the Youtubez in order to create the vba-over.ini. Now, I will say I'm not the best at understanding how Ubuntu stores and handles the processes and configurations of its software. I've just recently decided to try and be a power user. I'm still reading the manual.

Any help with this would great. Also, suggesting switching to a different emulator is not considered help. It's considered advice. Thanks in advance.

I did some research before posting! Yay!
Problem: Internal battery dry
What I've done:
-created the .ini fix but apparently don't know enough about Ubuntu to know where to stick it or if it's even usable.
-Searched for another method of saving. Did the 128k Flash "fix". Didn't work.