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Thread: ubuntu uninstall

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    ubuntu uninstall

    I recently uninstalled ubuntu 12.04 which was installed alongside Windows.
    This proved to be more trouble than I was expecting, simply because I
    didn't read the info from the link provided first. I did corrupt my MBR
    {master boot recall} and was unable to boot into any system. I had to reinstall windows from the recovery disc, losing some stuff, not a lot as I do regular backups. Any way windows is restored, ubuntu is gone, life is good.
    I am offering the link here as a how to, in case anyone is in the same situation.

    ... and scroll to the heading 'Restore MBR'.
    Cheers and happy ubunting.
    p.s. if anyone is interested I will explain the {why} of the uninstall.

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    Re: ubuntu uninstall

    Will mark this as solved, the views seem to have stalled at about 95, Thanks for looking.


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