I have bought a late 2012 mac mini 6,2 and I have managed to install 12.10 and have got the wired network working.

I am having issues with usb devices in that they will all cut out after 20min.I have plugged in two 290e pctv dvb-t2 tuners a Microsoft mouse and a dell keyboard.

The issue is around the two tuners as when only one is plugged in there is no problem. Also if I plug in a usb flash drive and unplug it without ejecting it I also loose all usb connection across all four ports.

I have only installed generic headers, broadcom driver, mythtv, vlc and mplayer. I was expecting an option for additional drivers but there don't seem to be any available.

Since I have not installed additional drivers do I need to install drivers for these ports as they are usb3? everything works fine under macOS.

Any ideas?
thanks in advance