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Thread: HP DeskJet 3054A Drivers??

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    Question HP DeskJet 3054A Drivers??

    Hello all,
    New to these forums

    Ok, I have Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.04, and Backtrack 5 all dual booted together.
    On Windows 7, I installed the Drivers for a Wireless Printer called the HP DeskJet 3054A, which is connected to my WiFi Modem. Everything Printed fine on Windows 7. But since I have dual booted, I am starting to LOVE Ubuntu, so I decided to try and make my printer work on Ubuntu. I went to System > Administation > Printing and tried to install the drivers there but my Printer was not on the list. I tried the drivers for a printer with the closest model number (3320) and when printing the test page, my printer awakes from a sleep and the screen turns on, but nothing happens. I tried printing 2 times and waiting 10+ Minutes, but nothing happened. I was wondering if I installed the .exe file using Wine would it work? Of not, could someone make drivers for it? Or give me a "PPD" file for this printer? Please help this Ubuntu noob

    Edit: Also, what are these coffee beans for?!

    One more Edit: I no longer have Backtrack 5. Just Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7, if that makes a difference...
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