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Well, I'm sure you don't know the answer to that rhetorical question, but in my own area, there are two stores that specialize in Apple computers, while also selling PCs, Best Buy which sells Apples and PCs, and then there's Radio Shack and Walmart which sell only PCs. That makes the representation in our area (Vermont/New Hampshire) about 50/50. And then there's the Internet where you can order just about any PC you want, including a Chromebook or a Linux laptop, but the world wide web is so esoteric. I mean, who's ever heard of the Internet?
You're being obtuse. Realistically Macs are the only non-PC option people have available. Most people don't even know what Linux is, and few have heard of Chromebooks.

The bottom line is that well over 90% of PCs sold have Windows. That's a monopoly, and the only reason why IE is the world's number one browser. Think back to when the EU (EC?) brought these charges against Microsoft. Was the version of IE we had in the late 90s/early 00s ubiquitous because it was good, or because it was bundled with the OS on almost every computer? It was becoming apparent at the time that the internet was going to be important, and it was also apparent that IE was going to act like a braking force on development and growth of the internet. Microsoft at the time were so smug about their position that they actually stopped development of IE.

You could argue that Mozilla did more to change that than the jackbooted legions of Brussels, but eroding IE's dominance has been positive overall.