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Thread: Can't get adobe download

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    Can't get adobe download

    I've posted here about not getting video working using Lubuntu. One problem I'm having is that when I go to the Adobe website and try to download the flash player, Chromium says that it has to launch an external protocol request. Then, when I click that box, nothing happens, I don't get to download Adobe. I guess I can download it from another computer and transfer it using a memory stick, but what's up with not being able to download Adobe?

    I installed flashplugin-installer, but that hasn't made any video work that wasn't working before I installed it.

    EDIT: After further review....I can't download Adobe on ANY computer! I tried it on a Slackware box, and on a Fedora computer. I get the same "have to open another application" dialog. I refuse to try my wife's XP box,as I can never figure out where a download goes on that thing, but from what I can tell, Adobe's website is screwed up. Or maybe I'm just an idiot.
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