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Thread: Multi-Boot Live DVD

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    Multi-Boot Live DVD

    Can someone point me into the right direction to making a multi-boot live DVD?

    For instance,

    Ubuntu 32bit
    Ubuntu 64bit
    Mint 32bit
    Mint 64bit

    All on one DVD

    Could I use Grub on a DVD or a similar bootloader?
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    Re: Multi-Boot Live DVD

    you can find the information here
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    Re: Multi-Boot Live DVD

    Basic grub or grub2 rescue CD.

    I think this is the same as raja.genupula's link.

    cd/dvd ---------------------------------------------------------------------

    CD/DVD multiboot - combine Linux ISOS into one - syslinux boot loader or isolinux.cfg

    How to create an Ubuntu All-in-one Live DVD uses grub4dos

    Older but procedure is same.

    Multibooters, Pictures here worth 1000+ words

    But I prefer USB flash drives as then you boot with grub2 and just copy ISO to flash drive. Then when updates to ISO occur you can just copy new ISO and minor edit of grub.cfg for version change.

    These are scripts to install many ISOs. Some that will not loopmount by installing a kernel and boot image.
    MultiBootUSB - Install and boot multiple Linux from Pendrive / Flash drive / USB disk w/grub2
    MultiSystem Another LiveUSB Multiboot French(translate) w/grub2
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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    Re: Multi-Boot Live DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by SaiyanEye View Post
    Can someone point me into the right direction to making a multi-boot live DVD?
    Hi, please see

    Please post back here with questions / doubts, if any.
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