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Thread: Best backup before update

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    Best backup before update

    I'm looking to update from Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.10 in a few days but I want to be able to go back to 11.10 in case of the new version kills my install or not working with my games or you know sucking.

    Now I have enough room on my 2nd hard drive to do a full backup uncompressed. I was thinking about just copying the partition but I don't want to fuss with fixing it afterwards.

    So is there a simple program that can backup the whole hard drive and restore it without needing to log in? (in case 12.10 doesn't even turn over.)

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    Re: Best backup before update

    In this wiki you can find a list of Backup Utilities. I've never used any of them, thought.
    I usually do the second thing you've mentioned - copying the partition and running boot-repair after I restore it. Not saying that it is the best, or even good, solution. It's just simple.

    Good luck with that!

    - Christo
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    Re: Best backup before update

    You can use rsync. It allows incremental backups, so you won't have to delete your old backups, you just update them. If you don't want to use command-line, you can install a GUI frontend for rsync called grsync, which can makes it easier to use.

    sudo apt-get install grsync
    EDIT: Sorry I misread your post. I suppose you could use rsync without logging in, by booting into recovery mode...
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    Re: Best backup before update

    Maybe Clonezilla

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