So here is what I have going on at my home guys. Currently I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 installed on my home computer. This server is hooked up to the Internet, but I don't have a FQDM. This is not a problem because this server is being used on the local network only at my home. Currently I have LAMP installed it is working fine. I can access the default test page using IP from any device on my network. I also have Samba installed, and working properly. Also I have the Ubuntu Desktop installed. Webmin, phpMyAdmin, and Wordpress, and proftpd. They all are installed and the entire system works properly across my network. I opted for the Ubuntu Desktop install to be able to use phpMyadmin, Webmin, and Wordpress. The problem that I am currently having is the only way I can access wordpress is using http://localhost/wordpress. I'm not sure what I did wrong, is there a specific way I can access my wordpress via other devices on my network using an IP address. I attempted to change the url to IP via wp_options using phpmyadmin. However this broke the link, and had to change it back to http://localhost/wordpress to access it directly on the server. So basically how do I change wordpress to access it across the network. The whole reason behind this project is to have a central server in our home for ftp, samba, website, and bog on wordpress that the family can use to store data, and share data. Again everything else works across the network, just cant access wordpress. Any advice would be greatly appreciated