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Thread: How to write path to for Raid Drive

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    How to write path to for Raid Drive

    Help! I cant get my external storage directory label right?
    I apologize that I put this over in general forums by mistake, I would delete but don't know how.

    Problem- I have tried this a dozen ways and it always says directory does not exist.

    I have 4.5 TB of internal raid storage I want to use. On the desktop it comes up as

    "4.5 TB Filesystem" with an eject button next to it when opened which I guess means it is unmounted?

    My movie directory on this drive is in; /video/recordings/xpermovies

    I can play the movies I have stored there directly with VLC but I just cant seem to be able to get the correct syntax entered in the back end video directory setup? is it caps sensitive? do you use under scores for spacing?

    Help I am still a bit green with myth TV

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: How to write path to for Raid Drive

    I give up, I am just transferring all the movies off the raid on to individual Sata drives then I am going to ash can the Raid this is to much trouble to deal with


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