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Thread: Repeated error messages after upgradation.

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    Repeated error messages after upgradation.

    I upgraded to 12.04 from 10.04 nine days ago and also installed lxde. So far there had been two messages stating "ubuntu12.04 faced a problem..please report etc" and once that "compiz faced a problem and need to close". (There were also two other error messages; I forgot details.) On looking at the details I found that latest ubuntu problem was related to lx-panel (I noticed firefox window icon in the panel blinking endlessly). I am worried what to do about such repeated error messages. These frighten me. Is there any way to test how stable my operating system is at the moment? Should I do a fresh install of ubuntu?

    I should mention that I had installed some programs like gimp, latex (documentation package), etc and have run sudo apt-get update and upgrade after installation. What else can be done?
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