I suspect I may just be SOL with this, but figured I'd ask as it's very possible I'm just missing something blatantly obvious.

I've used the proprietary Catalyst drivers in the past (around the Ubuntu 7.10 era) pretty well on an older system, but have since upgraded my main desktop which now uses nVidia cards, so anything I know about the Catalyst drivers is grossly out of date.

I now have another system that has an ATI HD 3850 AGP card, currently running Windows 7 quite nicely but would like to get Ubuntu 12.04 going on it. I know that ATI has dropped support for the 3850 into the legacy category, even though it still games/performs very well considering its age. (Thanks for that, ATI.)

I've had nothing but troubles trying to install the Catalyst drivers for this system. Using the "stock" drivers that Ubuntu offers, I can't seem to get dual monitors going, at all. Using the updated drivers just tells me that no cards were found. I have been able to somewhat get an older driver going, but again multiple displays didn't seem to work, and even better, the mouse cursor shows bizarre corruption. I could just use the open source drivers but it just feels awfully sluggish, I know the card can do much better.

Does anyone have any practical experience with this card? Ideally I would just replace it with a newer PCIe model but it's just not worth the money for this machine, will just keep it running Windows as is, but if somebody knows which version of the driver I should be looking at, any tips, or anything I'd really appreciate it.