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Thread: Kvm networking

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    Kvm networking

    I have a local network with a dhcp router connected to ISP.
    In a node I have few KVM virtual machines (working fine with NAT). In order to ssh them from the any node inside my local network I need to make bridge networking.
    I followed, but no results. Modifying /etc/network/interfaces I loose the net on node and all VMs.
    Any better tutor or help, please.
    thanks in advance


    I run:
    sudo ifconfig eth0 up
    sudo brctl addbr br0
    sudo brctl addif br0 eth0
    sudo ifconfig br0 up
    sudo dhclient br0 &

    if everything goes ok,
    run ifconfig and br0 might have an IP allocated

    PS: if the router filters MACs don't forget add the new VM one
    PS1:thanks to
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