Hallo! I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 (installation of 9.04 before 3 years, updated regularly to the current version) on laptop HP Probook 4510s. Have only 1 account "˙ordan" with administrative rights. Since this morning cannot log in - for a second appears black screen with report: Could not write bytes: broken pipe, and again the log-in screen.
Can you help me to reach my account and to save the information in it.

PS. Already tried to create another account - successfuly, and copied part of the data, but cannot copy mail archive in /home/yordan/.thunderbird
Now the report while trying to log in is
*Starting anac(h)ronistic cron [OK]
[OK] *Stopping anac(h)ronistic cron [OK]
*Checking battery state...
*Stopping System V runlevel compatibility [OK]