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Look into gprof. You will also need to compile your applications using the -pg option.
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gprof is the only profiler I have used on Linux.
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Maybe if you explain why you need the information, what you are actually trying to acheive - then we might have better luck helping you identify the tools you need.
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Perhaps you should describe what problem you're trying to solve, rather than how you want to solve it, and we can suggest other solutions.
Right now, most of my attention is on gprof and the backtrace function (Please see http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/man...acktraces.html )
I'm very happy with gprof, but the only problem is that my executable runs on powerPC, and so I'll have to cross compile binutils for gprof. I being a beginner, don't think , will be able to do that.

backtrace is good enough although it's static. The only problem with backtrace is that you have to call the backtrace function in the last function defined. That's a huge overhead - to go and find out the last function if it's a huge application. Is there a way to mention the backtrace function in the very beginning, and let the compiler know that you expect the backtrace for this code, and when it reaches the last function, just call it for me, rather than me calling it explicitly. Theoritically, it is possible right ?