I'm looking for a solution to route my SSH traffic through a proxy. Here is my setup:

Laptop --> ssh traffic --> remote ssh server (owned by me) --> privoxy (socks5) --> TOR.

As you can see, my main goal is this. I want to ssh into my remote server, and then all the outbound webtraffic generated on the remote server must go via TOR. The best way to establish this is (I think), to use a local proxy on the remote server and I choose privoxy to do this.

So when i log in to the server and browse the internet via CLI and explicitly tell to use privoxy it works. I check this by looking which IP I'm using. But I want to login to the server and then automaticly use privoxy and thus TOR. I've tried to create local forwards, extra host to set up a local ssh tunnel, give the ssh login command an extra tunnel with it but nothing works so far.

So after two days of trying I'm running out of options. If someone knows a solution, or maybe a better way to archieve my goal, please tell me. For the record, directly using TOR from laptop is NOT an option.