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Thread: Solaris 10

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    Solaris 10

    My school gives every student a free account on the Solaris 10 UNIX server to make our own webpage, programs, whatever.

    So far I have:

    1. made my own webpage in very basic html/css - im not a web programming guy, my skills are quite mediocre.

    2. Written a few simple C programs in Emacs. Emacs is really getting to me. Just the other day I was doing my database homework in libreoffice and when I went to save I instinctively pressed c-x c-s instead of just ctrl-s.

    anything else you can do on a solaris 10 server?

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    Re: Solaris 10

    You can do pretty much anything on a Solaris server that you could on a Linux server. Most even have the full set of GNU utilities installed and ready. I hope that is the case with yours.

    Along the web theme, if you're into CMS then you could install and customize Drupal, Plone or OpenCMS.

    The real question is what do you want to do next?

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    Re: Solaris 10

    You could always download open solaris 10 or illumos and use it at home if you want.


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