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Hi, I want to test out Unity on Ubuntu and I have looked for ways to solve these problems but couldn't find any.

[*]The Unity launcher cannot be placed at the bottom. I hate getting horizontal scroll bars on netbooks. (Wasn't unity designed for netbooks in the first place)
[*]Elements on the dash are oversized, space waster on small screens. It should have a scaling algorithm to show more content on small screens
[*]The dash can get slow to use and there is a type lag on GMA950. I changed some settings in ccsm and its much better but not perfect regarding the dash.
[*]Launcher is irritating to use with autohide as it doesn't appear due to sensitivity settings. (Even on the highest sensitivity settings)
[*]Controls such as wireless management seem dated.
[*]Lack of an address bar in nautilus, E.g in Dolphin (KDE) and windows explorer when you click at the side of the bread crumbs, you get an address bar where you can type.
[*]ALT + F2 offers to run commands that don't exist and even saves them in recent history. Krunner is by far more powerful. E.g in Unity I can do ALT + F2 "this-command-does-not-exist" and it allows me to run it. If I do the same with krunner it does not offer to run it nor does it save it in recent history.[/LIST]
  • Where is the problem here? The Launcher is not a scrollbar, and even if it was, scrollbars are usually vertical, so that you could scroll up and down the page. It should make perfect sense placing the Launcher vertically on 16x9 notebooks screens, but, I guess, whenever hatered steps in, design and logic fail.
  • There needs to be a balance between clutter and the amount of content, especially on small screens. Some users whant to see more stuff, others less, so, how do you please everyone?
  • As said, too much stuff goes one there. Disable a few things, and it will become realy fast, add more - really slow.
  • Use the Super key - always works.
  • Really? Like sprinkled with dates? What on earth are you talking about?
  • Try ctrl-l.
  • This is just silly. First you type a command that doesn't exist, then say that ALT-F2 offers it. Who are trying to trick?