If you download and install EasyBCD from NeoSmart technologies, it had an option that will allow you to "migrate" the boot loader folder and files into your "OS" partition. Once installed, click the BCD Backup/Repair button, then click the Change boot drive radio button and select the OS partition.

After this, your boot files will be in the Win7 OS partition and you can then remove the original boot partition.

But, BEFORE you do this, do yourself a favor and use the Win7 Backup Feature to create and burn a Win7 Repair CD. That way, if anything goes wrong later, you can use that CD to rewrite your boot loader files.

However, that said, you are far from "home free" after you remove this one TINY partition. You will need to shrink the Win7 OS partition to make some room. Use only the Win7 Disk Management tool to do this; do NOT attempt to do this using the Ubuntu installer and its slider. Doing it that way risks corrupting the Win7 filesystem and rendering it unbootable.