Hello all,

I would like to run Ubuntu 12.04 alongside my current installation of Windows 7, however I am having some trouble with deciding on how I would like to configure it. Since the bulk of my files are already installed to my NTFS drive, I was thinking that I could create a small partition for Ubuntu (say 12GB) and create links in my /home folder that would correspond to my respective C:\users folders in windows. I feel like this would be a good option as opposed to migrating all of my files over to Ubuntu and possibly having duplicates for each OS. So basically I would be using Ubuntu as my primary OS but all of my files would be stored on my windows NTFS drive. (I am also doing this because I don't want to fully abandon my windows yet, as I have many games installed.) What are your thoughts on this?

my system: lenovo thinkpad w520 | intel i7 2760QM | 8GB DDR3 | 500GB hard disk |
windows 7 professional