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Thread: image manipulation software

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    image manipulation software

    I got worried when I got a few software updates relating to image manipulation software. The specific software update names were imagemagick and libmagickwand2.

    What specifically do they mean when they say image manipulation software/programs? Is it something like Gimp, or is it something else?
    Furthermore, how can I permanently delete a software update from the list?

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    Re: image manipulation software

    "Something like Gimp" is closer than "something else" but still not very close. Imagemagick is a suite of CLI programs that each do what one of the tools in gimp does. For instance, "convert" copies an image file from one format to another, possibly changing its orientation, contrast, and color balance while doing so.

    The only way I've found to permanently remove a program from the update list is to purge that program from your system, although "pinning" it via Synaptic might have some effect. I do have one package pinned to an obsolete version, and don't get any recommended updates for it...
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