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I tried what you said by entering the dns servers in the /etc/network/interfaces and restarted networking. I was unable to ping anything. It still uses resolv.conf. Before I restarted the interfaces, I put a # in front of the entries in the resolv.conf.

I read some where you can uninstall resolvconf, but that failed as well. It says the is no package to uninstall.

I though by restarting, I might get different results, but that made it worse. I was locked out as it uses Kerberos and if it can see the kerberos sever via dns it can autheicate. Luckliy it was a VM so i could break into it.

I tried similar test on a clean install of 12.04 and yes the settings in resolv.conf get overwritten. So can I presume where the servers have been upgarded from 10.04 to 12.04, they arent effected by this new overwriting "feature" of 12.04?
It sounds as if you should start reading some documentation.