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Thread: Upgrade Issues

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    Upgrade Issues

    I have been using Ubuntu since 2010 and started with 9.04, then upgraded to 9.10, 10.04, and finally to 10.10. I never upgraded past that until recently and something weird happened. All of a sudden, I started missing Windows as this new "better" interface began to make my blood boil. I can't find what i want, I can't have anything customized like I'm used to. Up until now, my computer has looked like a Mac. Finally I got 11.04 almost acting right (except the compizconfig settings manager and a few other little details). I thought to myself, "Surely they have fixed the problem with Ubuntu 11.10. Nope. It only got worse. So did 12.04. Is there an easy way to trash this Unity environment (that, from what I can tell has only caused diversity) and make things right again without having to reinstall 10.10 (which I fortunately still have the disc for)? I don't want a gnome with only two menus, my gnome had 3. I don't even want unity anywhere near my computer which no runs slower than ever. "Unity" (or Diversity as it should be called) would be okay if I were using a tablet. I'm using a computer. I want it to look and act like a computer. I'm seriously going to start looking at other versions of Linux or just going back to Windows if this isn't resolved soon because Unity isn't worth it. And that's a shame because I'm a big fan of Ubuntu but one of the reasons I'm such a big fan of Ubuntu is because I can make it do what I want and look how I want and act how I want. That's no longer true with the release of 11.04. I'm strongly disappointed and looking for reason to stick with Ubuntu.

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    Re: Upgrade Issues

    Another I hate Unity thread.

    If you don't like it use something else.



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