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Thread: Dual Boot problem

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    Dual Boot problem

    I'm running dual boot for the first time. I changed the dual boot menu, so that Ubuntu is default. When i go to Ubuntu it makes an extra stop at the menu : "GNU GRUB version 1,99-21 ubuntu3.4", where i have 3 options.

    If i don't do anything within x-amount of seconds, it will automatically move on to Ubuntu, BUT how do i avoid this menu? It would be nice if i could just choose Ubuntu or Win 7, and then the startup would be normal.

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    Re: Dual Boot problem

    By the sound of it, you installed wubi inside windows, not a dual boot.

    Wubi is sort of a virtual ubuntu inside windows. The windows bootloader is still on the MBR and it adds entry for ubuntu. When you select ubuntu there, it boots the virtual wubi which has another bootloader on the virtual hdd. That is why you are seeing a second one.

    If the above is correct, you can disable grub2 from wubi to detect the windows OS and add an entry for it by booting wubi, opening terminal and running:
    sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober
    sudo update-grub
    That will disable the os-prober which searches for other OSs, and if it thinks only ubuntu is there it doesn't create the grub2 boot menu, it boots ubuntu right away. So that would eliminate the second boot menu.

    Just make sure to remember this is NOT a dual boot in the true meaning of the term. And in future when you need help specify that you have wubi not ubuntu since some things are done differently and different commands need to be run.
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    Re: Dual Boot problem

    Ok interesting! i will look in to that.

    But i actually fixed the problem this way:

    I used to use startup manager, as pointed out by Chad--24216, but alas, it's no longer being maintained, nor is it in the repositories.
    It has been superseded by "grub-customizer", which while up to date, is also not in the standard repositories. To to add and install it simply do the following at the terminal:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
    Press enter to confirm adding the PPA
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install grub-customizer
    Press Y to confirm
    You can now launch grub-customizer in the usual ways. If you ignore the complete list you'll see when it first launches, and just press "Preferences" button on the toolbar you'll get a nice summary dialog where you can change the timeout value and default menu item, as shown below:Grub Customizer preferences screen
    a solution i found on this link:

    It was pretty simple

    Thanks for inputs


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