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Thread: unable to mount windowsshare: fstab problem

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    unable to mount windowsshare: fstab problem

    I am having a problem with a windows share which I want to mount into a folder. I'm running ubuntu 12.04.

    I'm able to connect to this Windows share via the "Connect to Server" dialog, using the following information as input.
    domain name=AD\

    Now I want to mount it using the terminal, or better, automatically during boot. I created the folder /media/folder (smbfs is installed) and I modified my fstab by adding the following line:

    // /media/folder cifs auto,user,username=shareusername,password=sharepas sword 0 0
    # last line

    (normally using credentials file for password, just for simplicity here...) I get "permission denied". The share shows up in my media list, but I can't access it. It works for the smb: link though. I tried specifying a "domain=AD" argument, but it doesnt work. What's the problem here, why am I not able to connect to this share via fstab? also not working with sudo mount -a.

    I would be glad for any kind of suggestions what the problem is...
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