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Thread: MACUNTU 12.04 BETA made for latest gen macbooks

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    Re: MACUNTU 12.04 BETA made for latest gen macbooks

    Quote Originally Posted by nerdkiller14 View Post
    anybody can help me I am now getting the error
    intranmfs no bootable medium found.
    Almost fully working!!!! Once this gets about of beta can any please help by donating so I can host a website. I am hoping to get this to be a live cd for all macs that are produced. Thanks again.

    It is based on 12.04.1 (most drivers needed on mac are not compatible with kernel 3.5.

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    Re: MACUNTU 12.04 BETA made for latest gen macbooks

    I've been tweaking Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro 15" Retina now for a few days. Have you really gotten the wireless to work perfectly? The only major problem I have is the wireless disconnecting, not connecting, packet loss, etc.. It seems to be a power management issue (if I manually drop the txpower then it works a bit better for a while etc).

    You can drop the txpower with:
    sudo iwconfig wlan0 txpower <number>
    (3 seems to work a bit better for me, by default it just uses 20 all the time)

    Right now I'm running 12.10 according to the instructions here:

    Also tried ndiswrapper with the BootCamp drivers, but they didn't work.

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