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Thread: Progressing in learning professional web programming

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    Question Progressing in learning professional web programming

    Guys, because on 18 december I'll change my job (I'm currently developing a small CMS in php for a small company), I'm checking my competences, and compared to related job offers, in my location (southern Europe).

    The following is what I found; I'm very good at:
    - MySQL, PHP, CSS, HTML.

    I have junior competences (I know how to use them, but not feel I'm really strong) at:
    - Javascript, Java, Jquery, J2ee, Jsp, XML

    I also noticed that there are some other hot related fields I'm at zero (null) knowledge, and was curious about. Particularly:
    - SQL, AJAX, Struts, Hibernate, Spring

    Obviously, I know what SQL is and I know what AJAX is, but I can't currently develop AJAX applications nor I have idea what is the difference in complex SQL used, for instance, by Oracle or SQL Server, and Mysql. But I feel I'd have small difficulties in grabbing the basic concepts regarding those.

    Then there are the Java Frameworks that here seem really hot and requested: Struts, Hibernate and Spring.
    I never used a framework because I never developed nothing really enterprise, I approached to Symphony and CakePHP, but I decided not to use them until now as the project I'm currently working is quite simple so I didn't have the time to learn the framework before, then apply it.

    Now what I'm questioning is: it's useful to learn those frameworks, or do you think it's better to improve and cement my "junior" skills (particularly Javascript and JQuery, JSP)?

    Because I want to distinguish myself and my resume, I still don't have great ambition, the only ambition is to grab experience, study and improve. what do you think is better to learn and do you think I could approach something totally new?

    I'm not considering other languages (Python is not used here, and .net would be too much dispendious) although I know Python is nice.

    Is there anyone who could give me some nice and useful (also general) advice?
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    Re: Progressing in learning professional web programming

    If you're shooting to be a web programmer, I'd say javascript is pretty vital these days. AJAX is not terribly hard, especially with jquery in the picture.

    I'd make sure your HTML knowledge is up-to-date too; people talk a lot these days abotu 'HTML5', but what they really mean is HTML5 + CSS3 + javascript.

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    Re: Progressing in learning professional web programming

    Technologies are not that hard to pick up. Focus less on particular technologies and more on your general competency as a programmer.

    For example you said you don't plan on learning Python. But it's worth learning a language of about that level of power (if not Python, then Ruby... and Ruby on Rails is hot these days) because it'll help you expand. Similarly try learning a heavily functional langauge (Clojure might be a good one since you have a Java background) and try learning something really low level such as C. It isn't so that you might actually use them in real work, but they'll give you more perspective.

    Try browsing c2wiki, StackOverflow, proggit, and hacker news for other ideas.

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    Re: Progressing in learning professional web programming

    I already know basic C, didn't mention because it seems that my field (web programming) doesn't require it, although I'm aware about the importance of grabbing some low level basics C related.

    But, the fact is that software developing is exterminated, so, because I'm actually in the web field, with some experience, I thought it smart to pursue that route, instead of the pure software one.

    The fact is that to really learn to develop software, you have to be involved in real-life project, and if I'm not, I'm a bit skeptical to learn something totally new like Python or Ruby.

    I'll probably focus myself on Javascript, JQuery and AJAX for now.


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