I have a problem with a 12.04 LTS Alternate install. I have 5 disks in my server box. 2 - 500 GB and 3 - 2TB. I have installed the 12.04 LTS on the 2 - 500's using the RAID-LVM installation method. All installs well and is functional just fine. The Volume groups install along with the Logical Volumes.

When i create the RAID5 from the 3 - 2TB disks everything goes bad. The /dev/md1 is created just fine. I then pvcreate /dev/md1...that's fine. I vgcreate the volume group and lv create one large logical volume.

I can format the /dev/mapper/vgname-lvname just fine. All works well until i reboot!

When i reboot the system doesn't reboot. I've changed the /etc/defaults/grub.cfg file to list the grub menu...it comes up but when the machine reboots it just displays a blank screen....nothing...

the only way i can reboot is if i physically disconnect the 2 TB hard drives.

Any help would be appreciated!