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Thread: 12.04.2 Server fails to boot on MacBook2,1

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    Question 12.04.2 Server fails to boot on MacBook2,1

    Hi everyone,

    I just installed Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 (32 bits) on a MacBook2,1 with 3GB of RAM and a 80GB disk.
    I chose to use the entire disk as encrypted LVM partitions, this is a single-boot installation.
    I also encrypted the home folder and selected some software for installation (openssh, ...).
    The installation completed successfully. I did not bless the boot partition yet.

    My problem is that the screen goes black after GRUB, at the beginning of the system startup.
    The boot process seems to stop, and the hard disk is not doing anything (it's silent).

    I tried to use the recovery mode and noticed that the boot is interrupted just after displaying this HID detection message :
    hid-generic 0003:05AC:1000.0005: input,hidraw4: USB HID v1.11 Mouse [HID 05ac:1000] on usb-0000:00:1d.3-1/input1

    Resetting the NVRAM, PRAM and SMC did not help.
    Removing the battery changed nothing.

    Any ideas on what I should do to get the server to boot ?

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