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Thread: Installed programs not running in Amazon EC2 instance. (Newbie question.)

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    Question Installed programs not running in Amazon EC2 instance. (Newbie question.)

    OK, this is a total newbie question so please bear with me. I have tried to find a solution but I probably am just too ignorant to know what search terms I ought to be using to find the answers I need. If the solution to my problem is already documented elsewhere, or if there is a more appropriate forum for this question, please feel free to direct me to that.

    I'm a biology student and I've been tasked by my principal investigator (PI) with investigating the possibility of using EC2 as a source of on-demand computing power for conducting phylogenetic analyses. We have a few tools that we need to be able to run, including STRUCTURE and IMa2. Both of these come with linux console editions, and I am currently trying to get them running on a Micro instance running Ubuntu 12.04 Server.

    I am having no trouble accessing the instance via SSH, uploading files to it via SCP, navigating the filesystem, or installing and running official packages via apt-get. However the tools that I need to run don't seem to be working at all. I feel like there must be something incredibly obvious that I am missing.

    For instance, when attempting to install an run STRUCTURE, I follow the instructions given on the developer's website for console Linux users: 'The downloaded files are compressed in zip files; uncompress them using "unzip filename" on Unix/Linux/Mac OS X system or using winzip on windows. The zip files contain an executable and parameter files, as well as a sample data file "testdata1". The program is set up to run on these data immediately (just type "./structure" to start the program).'

    I can get the package up onto the instance and I have unzipped it into /home/ubuntu/structure/console . There I find a total of six files: extraparams, mainparams, structure, structure_doc.pdf, and testdata1. So far everything looks like it should as far as my naive eyes can discern. When I enter "./structure" from within /home/ubuntu/structure/console, I simply get the reply "-bash: ./structure: No such file or directory".

    I get similar errors when I attempt to install and run IMa2. I am stymied by this. I'm sure that if I knew the first thing about Linux or EC2 then the solution would be obvious, but I think the solution is probably so obvious that I can't even find where I ought to be looking. If someone could straighten me out then I would greatly appreciate it. I will check back on this thread to provide whatever clarifying information might be required by whatever generous and long-suffering souls are willing to assist me, as I'm sure that in my ignorance I've neglected to provide all kinds of important information.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Installed programs not running in Amazon EC2 instance. (Newbie question.)

    My guess is that the two files you're trying to run are currently not set as executable. As a test, go into the Structure folder (for example), and type:

    ls -l
    Please put the output here using the code tags (the hash marks).

    What you want to see is something like:

    As the first string of the file. The "x", one of the types of permissions on a linux file, indicates whether or not the file is executable. If you don't see any x's, that means that it needs to be changed. You can do that by typing:

    chmod +x structure
    Then check that you have the correct permissions set on the file so that typing ./structure will work.

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    Re: Installed programs not running in Amazon EC2 instance. (Newbie question.)

    Crap, I fixed it. I knew I had execute permissions but it still wasn't working. Then I remembered that I had read somewhere that I would need 32-bit compatibility libraries to run 32-bit software under Unbuntu Server. I'd tried installing ia32-libs via apt-get but it had failed. I tried again using aptitude and it worked, and now I can run Structure! So I've cleared that hurdle.

    Thanks for the advice though, I feel a bit silly now. Glad it's fixed though.

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