I have been using Ubuntu for some time now, but never really had the need to search for a specific file until recently. I used nautilus browser set to 'file system' to attempt to search the entire drive. The search lasted a second and turned up zero results. I am guessing that it only searched the names of the 21 main folders (bin, boot, cdrom, dev etc.) and three files with shaded-out names and did not actually search the entire drive including subfolders, files etc. So I selected all of the 24 files and folders in the nautilus window and then searched, and that worked: the search took some time and found the file I wanted. But the search function in nautilus is very simple with no advanced options. I tried gnome-search-tool, which has advanced options, set to search 'file system' but again the search lasted only a second and turned up zero results. In "look in folder" I clicked "other" and came up with a browse window with a sidebar. Clicked 'file system' in the sidebar and there is a list of the 24 folders and files in the right side. But they are in list format, not icon format and there seems to be no way to select them. In the future, I might wish to to a search with advanced options, so is there anyway to get gnome-search-tool to actually search the whole drive including subfolders, files etc.? Am I missing something obvious?