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Thread: Moniter My sons Computer

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    Re: Moniter My sons Computer

    Quote Originally Posted by mg&tl View Post
    what follows is an opinion.

    As a teenager, although (mercifully) close to exiting that phase, i disagree.

    The internet is a fantastic way of maturing in an environment that doesn't blame or leave permament problems. Restricting access to a computer just creates an urge to 'find out' what exists in the shadier areas of the internet that you wouldn't visit under the watchful eye of a parent. If you've got access to it, you won't feel compelled in the same way.

    Things i would suggest instead.

    1. Instruct them in the risks of real names and locations. Ideally, impress upon them the importance of going under an alias until they are old enough to make decisions about which parts of themselves they show online.

    2. Make them aware of the laws regarding the internet. Discussion of the sentences involved (and how disappointed in them you'd be?) is the best way of discouraging dubiously legal activities.

    3. Restricting time spent on a computer is a sure-fire way to make them annoyed about their lack of freedom, having just discovered a world on the internet. However, encouraging them to do something constructive at least part of the time is a good thing as it leads to more positive things for them to do on a computer.

    Also, bear in mind how it is growing. Do you really wish to have them naive about the internet in today's world? In tomorrow's world it might be the difference between a job and the employment office (not saying it will be, but it's looking more and more likely).

    Just a couple of thoughts that you might like to consider before imposing a restrictive regime.
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    Re: Moniter My sons Computer

    In my opinion, your kids can go to other places (such as internet cafe or classmates home), which have internet access, to go to the sites that you banned/disallowed at home with some kind of methods/softwares.

    I think it is the most important to teach your kids the following when they are accessing the internet :

    (1) don't use real name and real personal information in any place in the internet, such as forums, instant messengers and etc.

    (2) don't reveal any real information of them including address of home, name of school and family details as well as their friends. Moreover, don't talk about where they often go and etc.

    (3) don't talk to any strangers even they claimed that they are kids or teenagers. If need to, do (1) & (2) above.

    (4) don't go to the porn sites as they are not designed for their age. Tell them they will be allowed to be there when they are matured.

    In addtion, I would suggest to install/implement an Unified Threat Management System (UTM) to your network at home. The open source UTM that I would suggest is Untangle. It can block/ban some sites according to your desire.

    If you really want to monitor their activity in the internet, I would also suggest to install TeamViewer which can see the desktop of your kids remotely. However, your kids will be noticed.

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