Needless to say sons can be a pain with technology. i have parental controls set up on the router and on his computer (both of us use ubuntu 12.04 lts) but i know there are ways around those (i tried to test and there are to many ways to block it all). now without being an it expert, while being able to figure out most problems is there anyway to moniter his activity online and off with out physically logging onto it? a program i can install or something of the same genre? mostly just worried about what he gets into on my router my wife works at a bank and im an engineer so we both use vpn's on our work laptops (windows) and would like to add some security/watchdog properties to the device network. Would just like to be able to check on it every once in awhile if you know what i mean. i feel bad for using a distro developed in openness and freedom to lock him down but he is 14 and dosent need to be into stuff like he has been.

Anyhow let me know thanks in advance