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Thread: Photo sync problem on Android device

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    Angry Photo sync problem on Android device


    I have this little neat problem that needs to be solved.

    I had Ubuntu One app installed on my Android Phone. It synced all my photos to Ubuntu one and worked fine. Well at some time i thought that i didnt want to sync my photos from my phone. I deleted the photo folder on ubuntu one and uninstalled the app from my phone.

    Then a month later i wanted to start syncing photos from my phone again. I reinstalled the app on the phone, it connected fine but i never get the question if i want to sync all my photos. So it only syncs photos that is newer than the point in time when i removed the app.

    How to i force it to upload all photos again?

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    Re: Photo sync problem on Android device

    Well the issue got its natural resolution, because i had to factory reset my phone. After a new install of ubuntu one on the phone it synced all the photos. Shouldnt be needed i think.

    But if anyone have any solution it could be interesting to hear if someone else encounter my problem on their phone.


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