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Thread: Software to control Olympus Camera?

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    Software to control Olympus Camera?

    I'd like to take control of my Olympus evolt e-410 with my Ubuntu laptop via usb. Anyone know of a program with Olympus support?

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    Re: Software to control Olympus Camera?

    I'm fairly certain this is nearly impossible due to the camera firmware (it might actually be impossible, but at the least it would require reverse engineering the firmware). The best project along these lines is gphoto2 and they have a fairly extensive list of which cameras are supported for "capture". Sorry.
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    Re: Software to control Olympus Camera?

    Not sure what you mean when you say "take control" of the camera. But if all you want is to remove or access the pictures, then the camera should allow it to be seen as an external storage device. At least the two older Olympus cameras I have, as well as the Pentax, work that way.
    However, I have had the stupid camera want to format the XD card every once in awhile, forcing me to remove said card and retrieve the pictures using the card reader. POS!!!!
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