Greetings all,

Because of an ongoing technical glitch at the heart of the system in use at my workplace (not Linux, obviously...), I unexpectedly had a day off. I thought this a good moment to test out Ardour (2.8.14).

For your information: I'm an absolute newbie to it. And before I forget: I'm running it in Ubuntu Dream Studio 12.04 (more detailed specs at the end of this Thread).

I never even really got Ardour going, in the past, to tell you the truth. But sometime in July of this year (2012, for the record) , a friend of mine (far more of an Ubuntu expert than I ever can be) agreed to help me out: he spent the larger part of an evening configuring Ardour. Afterwards, I didn't have much opportunity to check it out properly - until now, that is; and I'm pleased that arming a track, hitting the record button and strumming my electric guitar produces a clear signal now - visually at least (in Record as well as in Playback mode).

Nothing whatsoever is coming from my headphones, though. And this fault may well be somewhere in Jackctl Connections, I figure - if I only knew where to look. I even haven't got a blooming clue as to what to connect with what there, in order to generate some sound from my speakers/headset. So what to do now?

One more remark regarding the subject: I find Patchbay and Connections, in Jackctl rather confusing, since they seem to be based on the same principle, And there are even more questions on my mind. To stick with sound and volume a little longer:

- How best to set the signal level, prior to recording?
- And how to control the volume in Playback?
- I expected waves, like in Audacity. Is that an option in Ardour as well?

And if you allow me one more, about effects:

- I'd like to use the effects of Rakarrack in Ardour. How do I link up those two?

Then in more general terms, to conclude with:

- Where do I find an up-to-date online manual for Ardour 2.8.14? I'm aware of the Floss PDF, on the web, but under the impression that the information provided therein is not quite the bee's knees any more.

Finally the specs, as promised at the beginning:


Release: 12.04 (precise) 32 bit
Kernel Linux 3.2.0-23-lowlatency-pae
GNOME 3.4.1.
Memory: 3.7 Gb
Processor: AMD Athlon (tm) II P380 Dual Core Processor x 2

I'd really appreciate your help in bringing actually playing and recording my instruments on my PC a little bit closer!